Vision, Mission and Values
Quality & Environment

Superior Quality Standard

Acting sensitively in the matters of human health, safety and environmental awareness, and while producing esthetical and technological structures of the highest quality with carefully selected materials and capable work-force compliant with all currently valid construction regulations, Delmar Building & Construction maintains a service principle which holds customer happiness at the forefront.

Elite Living Residences are produced by the use of appropriat eadvanced technology and in compliance with the latest Earthquake Regulation, T.S. 500 Reinforced Concrete Building Design and Construction Rules, and Building Control Law numbered 4708 and its relevant provisions. In accordance with the investigation reports prepared with detailed base drilling, reinforced concrete raft foundation and reinforced concrete carrier system which transfers the loads to strong base have been used. Foundations, interior and exterior walls are perfectly insulated for heat, noise and water isolation.

  • Security Controlled main Entry and Exit, Security Camera System for the site periphery,
  • Residential Intercom System with Display Monitor which enables dialogue with Block Gate and Visual Contact with Person at the Block Gate,
  • Ability to communicate with the Social Complex from Secure Entry Points and from your residence,
  • An electricity generator system to meet all the power requirements of elevators, hydropumps, general site lighting of all the blocks at the site,
  • Cable TV and Digitürk TV System infrastructure in all buildings.


Your peace of mind and happiness shall always be safe with the modern system including security team on 24 hour duty, and intercom system which enables camera surveilance of the entire site including gardens and play areas of children.


All design and static calculations of Elite Perla Palace are made according to standards and 1998 Earthquake Regulations currently in force in our country. Reinforced concrete carrier system quality is above average standards with C30 and the class of the concrete steel used is ST3. Block exteriors are insulated against heat loss, precast special architectural designs on the exteriors, mouldings, jambs and panels are located. At the interior corridor surfaces aluminium siding is used. The carrier system on the raft foundation is prepared as reinforced concrete carcass. Heat insulation is achieved by the TSE 825 covering technique. Sound and noise insulated Elite Perla Palace has ultra-modern building quality.


Elite Perla Palace includes centralized automatically controlled air ventilation and air-conditioning system , automatically controlled centralized heating with high-efficiency natural gas boilers, temperature measuring system, heat distribution with shielded pipes beneath the floors of residences, convection radiators and/or panels in accordance with the layout of each residence, panel heaters in the bathrooms, individualized utility invoicing, centralized 24 hour hot-water, silent piping for discharged water, natural gas system with earthquake sensors, automated autopark air conditioning and ventilation, individualized ventilation and cooling at each residence, and VRV or mini-chiller. Heating and hot-water is centralized. Each residence has an utility-meter to determine usage share.


Highest level of building safety is provided by early warning sprinkler fire extinguishing system in all common areas, autoparks, and rooms of each residence, 3 pressurized fire exit within the blocks, fire extinguishing canisters and hoses at floor corridors, automatic fire alarm system connected to the security center.


Building automation, electronic meters suited to individualized invoicing, life-saving leakage current relay, non-toxic gas cabling system without halogens, lightning protection equipment and lightning arrester, grounding system, centralized automatic electricity generator, ultra-modern cable and satellite TV infrastructure, telephone lines in each residence, ADSL infrastructure for fast wireless internet connection are among the details taken into consideration for your safety and comfort.