HR Policies
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Human Resource Policies

Harmony and Development

To recruit for the Group well educated professionals who are capable of implementing the DELMAR philosophy, vision, mission and principles, developing themselves, their teams and company, following and applying the technological advancements.


To maintain dynamism of organizational structures in accordance with DELMAR's strategic plan and objectives and to ensure preparedness for changes.

Maximum Performance

To continously improve individual and team performance quality for effective and efficient use of human resource and for directing management strength at Group objectives.

Personal Development

To ensure a learning, experimentation and development oriented job environment with the belief that personal development reflects on business development.

Our Human Resource Values

DELMAR values and general management principles form the core of human resource operations. Human resource principles are combined within the framework of leadership, respectability, quality, participatory management, flexibility, value creation and authority delegation. To form our organizational structure with progressive, efficient, team spirited persons well adapted to institutional values, to develop these persons in the direction of perfectionist culture, and to become an organization which is the pride of all of our employees.

Basic Qualifications at DELMAR

Team Work

To work with team members in cooperation and harmony, to keep the motivation high and to create synergy with positive outlook and determination to succeed even if under difficult conditions


To ensure that employees exhibit behaviour consistent with their words and opinions, and assume responsibility for completing in a timely fashion all duties undertaken.

Customer Focus

To identify the requirements of our current and potential clients, interprete them accurately, and to show interest in high quality work and demonstrate loyalty.

Planning Skills

In order to achieve the objectives of work at hand, to organize time and resources in the most effective and efficient manner as plans, and to regulate the activities according to their priorities and requirements of cooperation.


To transmit information in verbal and/or written form to relevant people, and to present a subject clearly and concisely. To enable questioning and dialogue.

Employee Participation

Task Teams

DELMAR forms multidisciplinary task teams within its organizational structure for the purpose of improving areas of strategic importance and high-priority institutional objectives.

Task teams which are formed in a multidisciplinary manner with the participation of of individuals carrying differing position titles offer to employees authority and responsibilities for personal or sub-group format research, presentation and report preparation. In this manner a work environment where personal talent and creativity can be exhibited is created.

Leaders personally participate in task teams, support projects, and encourage the designation of a team member as “Task Team Leader” and ensure active participation.

Suggestions System

At DELMAR the participation of employees is a high priority and this is accomplished with various tools. Suggestion System is such a tool and it encourages the employees to provide suggestions for the improvement current situations in matters concerning the organization.