Vision, Mission and Values
Quality & Environment


At DELMAR the respect we have for our work is the respect we feel for life. For this reason we pay special attention to the principles of life sustenance in our projects and not only to the comforts of life. By not participating in projects which pollute the world and render it difficult to live in, we are working for the tomorrows of humanity with nature respecting projects producing less discharge, using optimal energy and water. With this philosophy we initiated the ‘Elite Perla Palace' hotel and concept residence construction and we are targeting the International LEED Certificate.

As a company contributing to the national economy, aware of its social responsibilities and respectful of the environment while constructing living areas:

DELMAR's Quality Policy

  • While remaining true to architectural integrity, to comply with relevant standards, technical specifications, administrative and legal regulations, art of construction and techniques, and earthquake guidelines,
  • To follow developments in technology closely and to use these in the products and production,
  • In order to sustain client satisfaction, to take into carefull consideration the client needs and expectations,
  • To comply with the current laws and regulations to ensure the work safety of employees, its most valuable internal resource,
  • To actualize product delivery within the contracted period,
  • In accordance with the importance it attaches to trained personnel quality, to provide the required education at all levels,
  • To view the “quality living” concept construed from the combination of individual and family with natural life and technology, as the beginning and fundamental point of project designs and construction of structures.

Our Quality Management Systems implementation

Strategic Management System
DELMAR, in parallel to its Organizational Strategy, identifies annually its Critical Success Factors relevant to the priority subjects of that year. After determining the main objectives supporting each Critical Success Factor, sub-objectives are identified with the participation of employees. Finally, objectives are shared with all employees.

DELMAR has established a Process Management System and ensured its continuity in order to focus on priorities, to effectively use the resources, to render all activities and work done measurable, to improve processes and to achieve better performance.

Integrated Management System
DELMAR has adopted a client focused management system with the purpose of surpassing customer expectations by managing projects in compliance with standards for the highest quality, correct timing and rational costing principles. Closely monitoring currently available information on future trends of living, contemporary life styles and market realities, DELMAR has proved itself with successful projects in compliance of development and city plans and by following municipality decisions. It applies an effective and efficient intergrated management system containing components in accordance with legal requirements, quality, health, safety and environment in order to achieve its strategic objectives. As a requirement of institutionalization, DELMAR has integrated its activities with systems and applies a certification process for its systems.

Process Management System
Efforts are currently ongoing in ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, OHSAS 18001 Work Health and Safety System, ISO 14001 Environment Management System, SA 8000 Social Responsibility System and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.

DELMAR's Environmental Policy

  • To apply world standards for the protection of environmental values jointly with its expert team in projects and production, solution partners and subcontractors,
  • To plan all of its activities in compliance with environmental pollution prevention and to use the required resources for this objective,
  • To work effectively for the creation of natural living areas worth living in for the future generations,
  • DELMAR adds quality, comfort and safety into its construction projects both before and after by using all the potential of technology. Furthermore, it shortens the production duration with the use of technology.